At OrthoPraxis Gräfelfing we offer the following diagnostic procedures:

Digital radiography

  • Full skeletal radiology
  • incl. images of the spine, long-leg views, paediatric radiology

X-ray image converters

  • X-ray guided injection procedures (spine/skeleton)

  • Dynamic examination

Ultrasound equipment

  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Infant hip

Bone density measurement

  • Osteoporosis diagnosis

Foot pressure measurement

  • Preoperative: for planning forefoot intervention (e.g. hallux valgus surgery)
  • Postoperative: for control of results

Blood analysis

  • Infection diagnosis

  • Metabolism diagnosis
  • Emergency laboratory, preoperative (Wolfart Clinic)

Tissue examination (histology)

  • In collaboration with cooperation partners

Magnetic resonance imaging and computer tomography

  • In collaboration with cooperation partners