Range of services

Besides classic conservative and joint-preserving surgical treatment methods (arthroscopic surgery, revisions etc.) OrthoPraxis Gräfelfing also specialises in best-practice implantation of hip joints, knee joints and shoulder joints. Minimally invasive and soft tissue-friendly methods, such as the Yale technique used in the implantation of artificial hips, are becoming ever more important. Joint replacement procedures are increasing dramatically, and revision or exchange operations already account for almost 20% of these.

Treatment of deformities of the feet, like hallux valgus or hammer toe, is another focus area of OrthoPraxis Gräfelfing.

Our work also extends to a field that requires a tremendous sense of responsibility – conservative and surgical paediatric orthopaedics (ultrasound of infant hips, foot and hip deformities)
Sports injuries and orthopaedic trauma cases are expertly treated.

State-of-the-art technical equipment is available for this purpose at OrthoPraxis and at private hospitals used for admissions.